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  • How To: Create / Share an Iron Aces Wish List

    Have you ever heard the phrase “you are difficult to buy for” or find yourself disappointed in the gifts you receive during gift-giving holidays? If so, an Iron Aces Wish List is just for you. Easy to create and share, Iron Aces Wish Lists allow two-wheeled enthusiasts to politely request items that they really would […]

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  • The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 41: Relics

    The dictionary says a relic is “an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest”. There are other definitions, but this is the one I do believe will be the common denominator for our connection and understanding within this short story, and the seed I intend to plant for your […]

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  • The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 40: Ray

    After a whirlwind tour of the country like the one Brian and I rode in my last Potato Soup Adventures of Indiana Joe – Grit, I still have flashbacks of so many memorable places that were too numerable for me to try and include in the story.  And I’m sure that happens to each and […]

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  • The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 39: Grit

    Sometimes .. life just abounds with miracles. Granddaughters are born .. rain falls on arid soil .. remarkable feats of discovery and adventure are experienced .. while astronomical odds against certain events ever happening are foiled .. and they do occur. (Talk about “odds” .. read The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 07: Odds) […]

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  • The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 37: Rocks

    Well, I guess in reality, things just don’t change much no matter where you go. I was lucky enough to get away for a couple weeks in Florida to break the winter doldrums .. and wouldn’t you know it, the “spring break” and “bike week” traffic was pretty much the same as a busy 405 […]

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  • The Adventures of Indiana Joe – Issue 36: Speedway

    It’s no surprise that this time of year has always been an interesting “coin toss” of emotions.  Suicides and depression are at an all time high .. for as many reasons as one can possibly imagine .. and yet all of them are justifiable!  Of course, for many children, it’s the most wonderful time of […]

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much! You really do treat you customers like old friends, and I will be back! THANK YOU again for your AWESOME customer service!

Thank you very much for your follow up and card. It’s not very often you get that kind of service anymore.

I really like the way you folks do business…a good price and my order gets here in 3 days. That’s awesome! This was my first order with your firm and when I want some other items for my Street Glide I will be looking to Iron Aces Speed Shop first. I’m going to tell my friends about you folks as well. Thanks again!